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The Health at Any Size Web Ring and Health at Every Size Web Ring were active until 2016. The URLs below are no longer active.

What is a web ring?  It is a group of websites on a similar theme or topic. Each site in the ring has a web ring identifier on the relevant page(s), which allows visitors to click from one site to the next in order to efficiently search a particular topic. 

Websites in the "Health at Any Size" and "Health at Every Size" web rings have information about living a good life regardless of weight or body size.  They explore alternatives to traditional diet and weight loss approaches.  

  • If you would like your site to be considered for membership in the ring, please determine whether it has the following features:
    • Primarily educational and offers health information/resources for large or fat people
    • We particularly encourage websites by professionals (healthcare providers, therapists, psychologists, dieticians, fitness professionals, academic researchers) who are working to change the health services offered fat people away from a focus on weight loss
    • We also encourage websites by activists and organizations trying to change the cultural and legal oppression of fat people.
  • We will not admit sites that:
    • Promote weight loss as an end in itself
    • Are primarily commercial or promoting a service without providing educational information
    • Are designed to be explicit sex entertainment sites (though educational material about fat people and sexuality is welcome if that is part of your otherwise educational site)
    • Are primarily social sites or sites for personal ads
    • Are primarily autobiographical sites.
  • Placement of the web ring identification:  We ask that each site in the ring place the "HTML fragment" in a convenient location for visitors to both find the relevant info on your site, and be able to find the "Health at Any Size" graphic in order to easily click to the next site.  
    • If your site has information that is not related to "Health at Any Size," please list your site URL (below) as the page which does have the relevant information (rather than your home page), and plan to place your HTML fragment (the "Health at Any Size" identifier) on that page.
    • If your site is broadly relevant to "Health at Any Size," you should list your home page as your site URL, and  place the HTML fragment either on your home page or else in the bottom border of all your pages, so visitors can find it easily.
    • Please do not relegate the "Health at Any Size" identifier to a "links" page where visitors who arrive at your homepage can't find it easily as they are traveling through the ring.

If your site meets the criteria, and you agree to these placement requests, submit your site to the "queue."  The Ringmaster will contact you about the next steps for actually joining the ring.

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