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Here at Body Positive Central, we are always looking for ways to be more comfortable in our bodies. Here you'll find tips on how to be more comfortable - physically, in motion, psychologically, whatever.  


  • Comfort Tip for any body:
    • Trying to eat more beans and vegetables sometimes creates a lot of hot air!  Try one of the products like "Beano" next time you're trying to enjoy not just the taste, but the digestion, of those high-octane foods.
    • Using liner socks under your athletic socks will help prevent blisters.  Using a liner sock that wicks moisture away will also help keep your feet comfortably dry. Your tootsies will thank you!


  • Comfort Tip for larger bodies:
    • Times have finally changed and there are some great athletic clothes for larger women now.  For resources, visit .
    • Remember that you are doing more physical work when you move than the average-sized person.  You are probably already stronger than you think because of this - you are essentially "weight training" all the time!  You can go at a slower pace than the average-sized person and get the same workout, so let your body tell you what's right.  Remember that most activities are paced for 120-pound bodies. If you go slower it is not because you are not as fit, but because you are doing more physical work!


Here are some tips from our readers over the years:

Physical Comfort
Psychological Comfort
Comfort for Larger Bodies

Physical Comfort:

If you want to keep the area under your breasts fresh and dry, try some of your regular antiperspirant, in spray or stick. It really keeps the fungus and odor away. I live in a tropical climate and swear by this method.

To keep cool in hot weather, use a Kafka's Kool Tie ($9 at REI in Seattle). Soak this marvelous tie (with crystals sewn into the center section) for 30-45 minutes in cold water, then wear it around your neck. Makes you feel cooler right away! The tie will keep you cool for up to 24 hours. Comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

If you are a waitress (i am), try thick cotton socks, the kind you might put away after the winter season. they provide cushioning for those long shifts. you might think that your feet will just sweat, but you would be surprised. and your feet feel so much better by the end of the day.

Wear leggings bra without straps and tank tops and mini skirts.

This is the all time best tip of all time for hot, sticky summer weather...when you wear a dress or skirt, simply pull on a pair of bike shorts underneath, this absorbs moisture and prevents chafing! It's so comfortable when you are out all day.

In hot weather dampen a hanky and put it in the freezer. After a walk or workout, pull it out of the freezer and pat face, neck, wrists etc. Try dampening hanky with lemon water or lavender water.

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The hesitation to walk during the hot summer months can be squelched by walking early in the morning. Also try tying a wet bandana around your neck. It will help keep you cool and if you are perspiring you can use it to wipe away the sweat.

I make myself take a 10 second break every 5 minutes to help pace myself, and I find it very helpful.

When I hit my mid thirties my hormones started kicking up a major fuss. My emotions were in a constant state of flux due to PMS. Male doctors suggested prozac, but I wanted something less drastic. Then a wonderful female PA suggested 50 to 100mg of B6 and 1000mg of Calcium everyday. You need the B6 for the stress. There is not enough in regular vitamins. The calcium also aides you and you will help prevent osteoporosis. It will take a couple months to slowly build into your system, but I swear by it! I now only have PMS the day before I start. It's also cost effective. Give it a try, it's worth it. Best of luck Kate

Wear Birkenstocks! Sure, they look funny at first, but they are by far the MOST comfortable shoes my feet have ever rested in!

Hey there - I always use sunflower oil on my feet when they are dry to prevent them becoming cracked from dryness and it works a treat - also much cheaper than other moisterisers. I also try to wear clothes that fit well so I don't feel as big - more complimentary and much more comfy! Peace..Sarah

For exercise, I find tights to be the best-- much better than sweats or shorts for preventing chafing between the thighs. They last longer, too. However, I have found that the XL and XXL sizes available at discount stores like KMart and Target last just as long as more expensive brands.The one tip I can tell you is to go outside on a nice crisp, clear day and take a long breath in and out. You will feel tons better, believe me!

Instead of using talcum powder (talc has been linked in medical studies to ovarian cancer and other problems), I use corn starch as a body and foot powder in hot, sweaty weather. It is organic, safe, and cheap! I like to put some in an old sugar shaker, and this always allows me to sprinkle out just the right amount.

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In the hot summer: run cool water over your wrists, it's the location of a major artery, and it will cool you down faster. Also: drink lots of water all the time!

A good reason to avoid artifical sweeteners: Aspertaime and other artificial sweeteners can cause excess gas and bloating. This can make anyone feel very uncomfortable!

Cramps - Hot shower, cashmere socks, flannel sheets, and a really really feel good book.

When I eat a meal that is very filling/bloating, I put on looser, more elastic skirts/pants until the feeling goes away. It helps to forget about the food and enjoy the rest of your life.

Drinking hot tea always warms me up and makes me feel full and happy.

If you have trouble with chafing between the thighs, try wearing cotton leggings or bike shorts. I wear them under skirts all of the time. You can get larger sizes from Junonia.

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Psychological Comfort:

Just remember that men are probably in awe of your beauty and you just don't realize it!

i love to jazzercise. it makes me feel so happy. the instructors are positive and respectful of everyone. i highly recommend it! It's like a dance class for adults.

Surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive. If you have friends, family, work associates, or classmates who are negative or demeaning to you. respectfully limit your time with them. Try new things that involve people and fiind ways to interact with only the most upbeat and positive among them. Building a strong network of happy optimistic people will help keep you that way!

When you are stressed out and want to eat away your problems, take up a small repetitive task like crocheting, because it makes you to busy to worry about anything else.

Try belly-dancing as exercise. It's low-impact, isolates all of your muscle groups & makes you feel GREAT about your curves. It totally releases your sensuality & you are thankful for having hips when you do this dance! :-)

We are all made differently: some short, some large, some skinny, and 
some fat. If we all looked the same what kind of world would we have, there would be no such thing as diversity and no individualism, your soul shines through more than your looks, so why don't you let it!!!:)

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It's not anyone else's prob of what you look like, be yourself, believe in what and who you are.

Smile. *smiles* Two quotes....
"Baby keep know the sun is shining"...if it's not shining where you are, you add a "somewhere" at the end.
"And I think to myself....what a wonderful world."

Instead of stressing out next time you have a test or too much homework or you've had a bad day, sit down for 10 minutes and just let your mind wander. Think of any situation that would make you happier and more relaxed and go with it. Then you'll feel relaxed enough to deal with your work or whatever else is causing you stress.

One of my favorite tips is to only look for a few seconds, a once-over in the mirror. If you look for more than that, you will tend to dwell on the thing you see wrong with you.
#2, I always remember that not everyone sees you the way you do. believe it or not, not too many people even notice your potbelly. (giggle)

Keep cool and take things easy.

Try to grasp the concept of non linear time. This means that there is no future or past or present. Everything just is. This really helps me with my home sickness, now that I'm staying away from home.

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Comfort for Larger Bodies:

In summer I sweat a lot, especially under my breasts and stomach apron. When I shower, I use Betadine wash or its equivalent in these areas to decease the sweat and smell.

I am a body of size, but I have been enjoying water aerobics for over two years now at my local YMCA. It's cool and comfortable and most of all fun!

Water workouts are great for strengthening and conditioning. They are super low impact on joints. The water is soothing to the soul too. There are lots of other large women in my classes. I can do a full 60 minute workout in the water. I could never work out that long "on land." 

Developing fungal infections or rashes in our body folds can be misery, especially in warm weather months. No matter how well a towel dry feels, using a blow dryer set on cool or warm dries the insides of those folds really well, and cuts down on odor, chafing, rash, and infections.

Over the past several years I had a chronic yeast infection under my large pendulous breasts. Nothing I tried seemed to help and my physician perscribed anti-fungals that also didn't really help. I finally tried using clean cotton 'rags' that I folded and placed under my breasts to soak up and wick away persperation. I also began using cornstarch as a body powder in any areas that there were folds-tummy, breasts, and thighs. I have not had any further problems with rashes or fungi. I use cornstarch because I am chemically sensitive to perfumes and I do not trust other additives. I respect my bodys' ability to heal without fungicides.

A dusting of Zinc and Starch powder (nappy rash powder!) between the breasts prevents chafing and irritation- really important for larger chested women!!!!

I you have a curvy backside, wear " boxer" style briefs, that cover the entire buttocks, there is less pressure and bulging due to elastic.

I buy no wire bras from - no hooks, no wires, no worries! Sizes up to gorgeous and goddess. I am a 38F and I buy "Gorgeous" size. Their knickers (briefs) and great, too. 

I wear bicycle shorts under long skirts. This keeps my thighs from chafing and keeps me out of UNCOMFORTABLE panty hose. If I need to wear hose, I will wear knee highs with the bicycle shorts and a long skirt.

Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions - we can all be more comfortable thanks to your passing on your own wisdom!

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