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There is another Body Positive, a wonderful non-profit organization called The Body Positive based in Berkeley, California, working to help teens and children with body image issues. If you are trying to contact them, read on:

Mission Statement
What we do
Educational Resources
Address and phone


The Body Positive�s mission is to creatively educate people to think about self-esteem and body image in a new way. We developed the Body Aloud! model for eating disorders prevention by listening to young people as experts concerning their own experience. We challenge young people to identify and respond to the conditions in their lives that contribute to their body image and eating problems. As they learn to resist negative conditions, they are able to embrace healthy eating and enjoyable physical activity in their natural body sizes.  

We produce straightforward and compelling educational materials to help people combat body hatred and eating disorders. We provide consultation and training to assist groups in using our materials to develop youth-driven eating disorders prevention programs.

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Educational Resources

Body Aloud! Helping Children and Teens Find Their
Own Solutions to Eating and Body Image Problems
This guidebook provides the information and resources needed to create a comprehensive, youth-led eating disorders prevention program in schools and youth organizations. Includes The Body Positive approach to eating disorders prevention, guidelines for developing youth leadership and starting Body Aloud! groups, a comprehensive resource section, and much more.

92 pages. $100.00 + s/h

BodyTalk 1 (Ages 12 & up)
Our award-winning video on body esteem for teen audiences. Youth from diverse backgrounds discuss the messages they receive from media, family and friends about their bodies. The video focuses on their healing as well as their struggles.

28 minutes. Facilitator�s Guide included. $150.00 + s/h


BodyTalk 2 (Ages 8-11)
The second in our BodyTalk series focuses on age-specific body esteem issues, including puberty, dieting, teasing and trying to fit in.

20 minutes. Facilitator�s Guide included. $120.00 + s/h


GirlTalk: A discussion about obsession with thinness
An excellent video for families, health care providers and educators wanting to learn up-to-date information about eating disorders and harmful effects of weight management practices in girls

15 minutes. No guide included. $30.00 + s/h


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We train educatiors,
mental health and medical professionals, parents and youth to prevent eating disorders and promote body esteem by customizing our educational programs for use in diverse communities. From short presentations to two-day comprehensive workshops, we help tailor our programs to fit the specific needs of your community.

For more information, please contact
The Body Positive
2550 Ninth Street, Suite 204B
Berkeley, CA 94710
tel: 510.548.0101
fax: 510.548.4224


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