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Knowing when to eat & when to stop:

The Hunger and Satiety Scale

If you have problems with eating, you may have lost touch with your body’s signals.  You may be making choices about when to eat or not based on emotions, ideas, or habit. To get back on track, you need to get re-acquainted with your body’s cues. It takes time to re-connect after many years of living "above the neck," but remember that this capacity is something you can observe even in the youngest infants. It’s "hard-wired" into our bodies because motivating ourselves to eat is a matter of survival.

0 Weak with hunger.
You are so hungry that you may not even feel it, but rather be head-achy and faint.

1 Famished.
Too hungry. This is the fist-banging stage when you’ll eat anything.

2 Hungry.
The perfect time to eat, when the food tastes delicious, but you’re not so hungry that you’re indiscriminate.

3 Mildly hungry.
Something light would suffice, or you could stand to wait another hour for the desire to develop more fully.

4 On the way to being satisfied.
During a meal, you are in the pleasant stage of enjoying the food but you are not yet satisfied.

5 Satisfied. 
The perfect time (according to your stomach) to stop eating. You are sated.

6 A little fuller than "satisfied."
A few bites past "5," due to the momentum of eating. The food seems less delicious, more plastic.

7 Very full.
Beginning to be uncomfortable.

8 Painfully full.

9 And so on.

Your ultimate aim is to most of the time eat when your body tells you (at "2") and stop when your body tells you (at "5"). You might have some fears about trusting your body to tell you what it needs. Take some time to write about your feelings. Over time, the practice you get checking in with yourself will make this process easier.

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