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Please remember that anyone can post a notice, so be cautious about revealing your own personal information before you know whether the person is trustworthy! Also, we encourage people to take a weight neutral approach, and we do not post ads solely seeking support for weight loss.  This is the place to try something different.  However, we understand that people are at various points in the size acceptance process, and so when people have a mixed agenda (for example, wanting to focus on getting more active and losing weight), we have not edited their ads, so that when someone has a partial focus on weight loss, it will be clear to others in case that focus is something you are trying to avoid.

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Seeking an email pal (most recent at bottom - 10/2/04)

my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
encouragement and support  men/women who accept larger women 
exercise buddy women 30-50, southern California/LAX area 
Self acceptance and mutual support Anyone - I am male, 34, from India, with vitiligo, or depigmentation of the skin 
stop dieting and start living   Rebecca 
people who have problems in loving their bodies icq {21611129} 
if you need a pal to help you through the hard times
anyone really, preferably teens
fishigirl1 on AOL Instant Messenger
to find out tips on losing weight in a healthy way, and support teens
Andrea e mail

aol instant messenger screen name is jane007doe
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
to be more comfortable w/ the way i look
teens---that are not "FAT" but just aren't happy w/ themselves  or my aol screenname is buffbear75
To feel better about myself teens 
  young women (20's) Kayla, 
Looking for an accepting male males who accept you for you 
Teen girls
Teen girls who have tried diets, and then realized that they don't work and are trying to raise their self-esteem that they lost during this diet. 
Thinking about a body image and women's health group in Vancouver, BC - plus sharing solutions to negative body image / body hatred Any women who are in BC or have ideas about overcoming body hatred to share martha at 
I'm Hiv positive, in NYC area, seeking friends SHM between 30-40  
Support adult women only-preferably also struggling with weight loss - a support person,that can encourage and be encouraged Terri..... email is: 
to talk to girls my age who need encouragement and a friend to talk to teens, all sorts; especially ones who need to talk about body image 
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
general chat, friendship  women aged 22-30 
large ladies fitness:
My name is Jan and I am a large lady who just opened a ladies fitness salon. I am interested in helping myself and other ladies realize that we can be healthy even if we are big. I would like to have someone who supports my efforts and ideas or anyone who can help me. I would love talk to people who feel the same as I do.
large women with low self-esteem 
Find someone my age who has the same worries/ problems   I would like to have teens only please 
  large women & parents of young children 
pen pal large women or men 
a friend in need is a friend indeed  teens 
shared experience, support
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
I am overweight and suffer from depression women ages 20-40 who look in the mirror and cringe Jinny at 
To gain support with people who understand 
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
a friend who knows what its like  anyone 
to find someone who knows what it's like anyone Kelly Bull, 
To find someone to talk to, just a friend.  Anyone that wants or needs a friend Katie Parker,
Stop size descrimination, end promotion of self-hatred, resulting from body "imperfection" anyone 
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
worldwide friends
Anybody, especially large women 
discussion with women who have something in common with me women Laurie, e-mail is 
Would love to share experiences and friendship with all of us, beautiful people of size! Anyone Sabina at 
I am a very positive outgoing type of person, just trying to keep smiling, but sometimes could use a little help with that Anyone who wants to exchange letters
  Houston, Texas
california , Bay area
Coping with an eating disorder
large women and older teens
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
To find an older teen pen pal to talk with older teens 15-19
to talk to girls with fat problems ! Just like me. girls around 11 or 12 years old.
find a friends who have the same type problems (overweight, bad selfimage, etc.) teens
Friendship & Encouragement:
Calling all larger ladies for friendship and encouragement, to share experiences and stories. Just getting to know one another and being supportive. You can never have to many friends, and I know that is my aim, to make good friends, hopefully that will be you. Best Wishes, Shannon
Larger Ladies- Any Age
I am in England, but this issue is worldwide
Shannon at Silverbangles70@Aol.Com
malang, indonesia teens alfa yunita pitasmara,
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
San Jose California -
Large women
to know i'm not alone -
its hard being a fat teenage girl i want to have a friend online who i can talk to who can relate with me.
very heavy teens
to find a pal to talk with  Large Women Dana
Albuquerque, New Mexico
goal: For Support and Friendship
parents -
I'm a single parent with a special needs child who is a boy, 10 yrs. old. I have depression and low-grade thyroid. Looking for a friend for support.
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
Just to exercise anyone Sam at
to discuss, encourage, & support a size-accepting, non-dieting lifestyle

I am a 36-year-old stay-at-home mom, FULLY RECOVERED from anorexia, and learning to love my plus-sized self!
any women who are interested in learning to accept themselves just as they are
fat! large teen girls
to find someone who i can relate to teens
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
find buddies w/ same problems
where: Boston; New York
I struggle with weight problems. It has taken over my life!!!
Teenagers, Women who have succeeded in accepting their bodies
to become more comfortable with myself
teens: a pal who i can talk to and who will support me.
find friends. I am a 50 year old woman who is looking for friends. Any large people, especially other women , and especially anyone over 50.
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
I would like to talk to someone who is trying to maintain a healthy weight and tighten their tummy.  I am hoping that we can send emails back and forth discussing exercise moves and goals that we have reached together. teens (16-18)
support in letting go of my self hate.
I desperately want to find like minded friends who can support each other and learn to accept our beauty as women
other sufferers of anorexia in recovery Holly,
Looking for someone to give me encouragement and support while fighting weight loss. I have been over weight all my life and now I am ready to take charge of my weight instead of it taking control of me.  I need help with diet control.  I don't know how to diet right.  I have tried and tried and nothing has worked.  I am in need of any info or support.   Large women, Someone who can understand.
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
to find other people who i can identify with
i am looking for support and people who can identify with being a heavy teen in America, please email me if you are interested.
teen girls, 13-15 preferably
support and friend
just looking for a good friend and share lifes ups and downs on being so large!
 large people mainly 20 to ?  
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
I want to learn how not to hate myself anyone who can be accepting and freindly
to find others in recovery from eating disorders to give and gain support others in recovery from eating disorders
to find other adults, preferably male to chat with who understand my situation -
looking for online friendship and acceptance. take a chance?
adults, preferably male over 35
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
friends friends i lost on
Bangor, Maine
Just friends - I'm just looking for a teen that can relate to me.  Male or female, either is fine.
larger teens
To have someone to talk to. girls ages 10-15
St. Charles, MO
would love to talk about body image and start physical activity at St. Charles co Rec Plex or area parks.
women and men 16-30
Supportive Friend
Looking for some friends to talk to and share feelings with.
Large Women Sheri
Please.. some one help me and have the heart to  listen to my story and be a friend. im not overweight but im scared im gunna get there teens
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
becoming friends anyone that wants to i love meeting new
To find an email buddy to help each other out!  I am a 17 year old who is a little overweight,  though not obese. I have been suffering from depression for almost 2 years primarily as a result of self-hatred related to negative body image. However, I try to stay positive and an a fun person,
so would like to speak to others near to my age via email for support! I promise not to be a misery!!
Male or female buddies welcome, around
my own age (17) or above. Intelligent conversation desired!
support large teens
friendship    large women
To accept bigger people and for the
world to accept bigger people.
Just looking for a friend online and wanting the same walls to be broken down as me.
Teens going through the same stuff as me.  Teens only please!
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
To find someone who is struggling with
her recovery from anorexia.
I am looking for someone who needs support as much as I do.  Anorexia is one of the most difficult  things that I have ever had to deal with and I want  to help someone with their recovery.  It would be beneficial to me to find someone.  I really need someone to talk to at this point in my life.  Please e-mail me!!!
london, ontario -   breast cancer and body image woman having had mastectomy
living a fitness lifestyle for big women -
I am looking to meet large women who are active in a  fitness lifestyle/eating healthily. No weight loss goals here, just feeling good!
large women who enjoy exercise/eating healthily
closest to me is Quincy, Illinois
I would like to find poeple to talk to
and share support with. I'm pretty friendly, love to chat, and I'm online a lot. I'm slowly learning to embrace being a big woman, instead of rejecting it.
I'd like to help younger people, support
people my age and, maybe get advice from older, wiser people, male or female, any race; I accept all.
Karen at:
New York city -
I am weight-recovered from anorexia, and struggle daily with the mental aspects of the disease. I  frequently binge and then starve myself to remain  thin. I want to be a normal eater, and trust my body again.
women who are recovering/recovered from
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:
India -  to share each others pain    teens/large woman blazankaithara@hotmail
finding aceptance, being a larger women
with a slight learning disablity
young male females 20's-30s hyegal8! 
friendship     women,parents
I want someone who will help me stay
 motivated to exercise - I'm a very nice person who lives in a family where
being fat is unacceptable, so I have low
self-esteem. I need someone who knows how it feels to be "BIG & Beautiful!
Large teen girl or guy 16-19 years old
self-acceptance, support, weight-esteem
want to share my problems teens
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:              
to get over my issue with food - Just want to be helped and help others teens
support, friendship    plus sized people michelle
Added 10/2/04:    
I am a 42 yr old type 1 diabetic female currently dealing with being anorexic.  In the past I have
been anorexic or anorexic/bulemic.  I have been dealing with these E.D.'s since I was 13. 
women who are anorexic or
 anorexic/bulemic and women who have type 1 diabetes
45 year olds plus. to give one another support any woman 45 plus who are having weight  issues
Dallas - improve my body image.
 I am severely struggling with my body image- even after 7 weeks of outpatient treatment for my eating
disorder and a year of counseling- I am destroying my marriage due to my insecurity with myself- how do I change this inferior feeling inside?
all with meaningful advice
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:              
Living the bodypositive way       Large single women 30 to 50 age range
to find people to talk to with the same  problems as me...pref. teens pref. teens age 15-18?around my
> age...16...males and females      Nichole
being motivated toward self-love/self-care
- I need support to be more accepting of myself. I am very willing, and have the time to support others.      
large men / women; diabetics
female with body image issues  who would like  to stop dieting - I am currently 10 pounds heavier than I like to be but this is where my body weight tends to settle. So I want to just mentally get to the point that I can feel okay about it and stop torturing my body with diets to lose that "last 10 pounds." It is such a waste of time and energy. EXP 6/05 I want to find others that want to get off the diet "treadmill" and accept their natural body weight
To find a new friend with the same problems & insecurities     teens or large women
my purpose/goal: seeking who: contact:              
A Friend to talk about anything with not so skinny teens Keda
to find other teens growing up in this  world that doesn't accept us larger teens and for support. I'm friendly, and supportive. teens (14-18)
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Seeking budd(ies) for physical activity 
(most recent at bottom  - added 10/2/2004)
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Lower Bucks County, Pa. no matter goal: accountability Ellen 
West Los Angeles/Santa Monica, CA
person(s) who want to walk in the evenings goal: get walking budd(ies) -
I'm also interested in any online support groups!
Diana - email me at 
Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC
where online:

Large size members, men, women, and children goal: "Creating The Fabulous You" Fitness Wellness and Health Plus Size 
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Fort Myers, Florida anyone over 22 goal: company for long walks and biking etc. 
Anyone interested in a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully another Canadian, but all are welcome goal: healthy living 
Warsaw, Indiana area
Doesn't really matter. goal: Go walking, play tennis, etc. 
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
positive large people goal: Be happy in my body Fatima Parker 
Bellingham, WA; 
Mount Vernon, WA
Anyone trying to change their self image. goal: Trust the Process 
where online: 
gay males-hiv goal: friendship 
Jacksonville Beach, FL  Larger women goal: Fitness walking NFLBBW99@AOL.COM 
Gaithersburg, MD  large women 
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Chicago, IL, northside  Anyone interested! goal: Walking for health and weight loss Michelle 
Greensboro, NC
Women/men who are quiet, as I am a quiet, but like to have fun and laugh. Also, those who don't mind dealing with someone who's new to getting out and about and is looking for a friend. 40+ is a good age. I'm 25 and very low-keyed. (Men, I am not desperate or needy so PLEASE be respectful.) goal: outdoor/water activities (fishing, swimming, boating, etc.)
Ebony Bean 
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Plymouth, Michigan. Just outside of Ann Arbor. Another large woman who is active and who is already body positive. goal: I want to find someone who accepts me for who I am not for what I look like. 
Los Angeles   goal: healthy 
Loveland CO
Someone who wants to walk not run. goal:  I just had a baby and need to start walking again to get back in shape 
Chapel Hill or Durham  large women goal: support Veronica at 
Daytona beach,  FL
teens, or large women, under age 30 goal: to get to know people better - I'm looking for someone for a possible relationship and to meet up with and have a good time, hang out, etc... 
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
people who are overweight goal: To become more active in general  (Kim)
st. louis mo large women  goal: walking, yoga, or exercise partner 
Massachusetts Anyone who wants to get out, move and make some friends   Sabina at
new york city large women and men, age 18 and up No matter what size we happen to be, we ALL deserve love, respect, courtesy and civility. .  There is major fun to be had, in this world. I know I need all the yucks,fun, good eats and good times,that I can get! I'm more than a little awwwright!  So if wanna get healthy,gab, vent,learn and grow, drop me a line. No matter what size we are, we still deserve a piece of life's pie. Let's dig in! 
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Metro Detroit

I want someone to be physically active with almost 50 woman in Macomb Township looking for someone to do some sort of physical activity with - maybe water aerobics, or suggest something  or 
Clayton, MO larger women walking for exercise 
Champaign/Urbana, Illinois People of all sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnicity goal: To make new friends and find walking partners
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Lansing/Metro Area Anyone interested in fitness goal: weight loss

I am 21 years old with 2 step children who are 15 and 12. I will walk with anyone who would like to. Teens or mature women. goal: To become a healthier person, not for weight loss. To get out and breath fresh air with someone who understands the struggle.
New York City Any Preference goal: To diet healthy
Fairfax, VA anyone goal: Just to exercise Sam at
Washington, DC, Silver Spring/ Kensington area
female walking partner in reasonably good physical condition goal: to find another female for walking partner. Am available to walk on Monday,Thursday and some weekend mornings around 10 or 10:30 am. Nancy
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Vancouver, B.C. large women who want to move goal: enjoyable exercise Helen at drucie&
Leesburg, VA
Im 26, married, expecting first baby (due july 8, 2002).  I would like to find a walking partner.
goal:        health and fitness
San Francisco, CA Anyone, any size goal:        To move, be healthy, and share body positivity. Rivkah -
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Eau Claire, WI college students goal:        health
Anniston, Alabama

Large women, perferably with children
Women who want to get fit and who have a positive attitude.. those who have children will help because i have a 5 year old who i take with me to rollerblade and walk.  If they are in my area we can chat online until we are comfy to meet in person.
goal:        Lifestyle Changes Angie  at
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Philadelphia, PA Plus size people goal:        Water Aerobics Program
Looking for a inexpensive water aerobics program in the Philly area.
FORT WORH, TX   LARGE WOMEN OR MEN goal:        TO MAKE FRIENDS LISA  @  817-569-8812
Myrtle Beach SC area
People who want to walk- or have had WLS like me who need to get healthier! My purpose is to have someone to talk to and get to know- while we get some exercise (mild/moderate) so we have someone to rely on and it is harder to quit when someone is relying on you!   or
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Sault Ste Marie anybody goal: be healthy
walking, hiking etc.
Brooklyn Center, MN Large women goal: Getting out and enjoying the scenery - Looking to form friendships and to have a ball getting and being fit.
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Weirton, WV. n the ages of 22 to 40 goal: tired of being alone  or
San Diego / Oceanside California

large women, any size shape or physical ability goal: 38 yr old Female wants to walk the beach - I'm a relatively healthy big girl, 5'7", 350, mobile, fun-loving, confident and able to walk. Would like to build endurance by walking regularly
and more. Also would love to have a few friends to do this with.  Email me and lets talk!
calgary alberta canada women only, large women goal: to get active and have fun like biking, walking, swimming
Fremont/Newark/Milpitas- CA women ages 27 and up goal: Walking- getting back in shape> I am a christian woman
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
tacoma, wa   anyone who is open to exploring their issues goal: bulimia support
Fresno California Men, Women, Teens, 20's, 30's, etc. goal: Fun Physical Activity for a Healthy  Life Style - I live in Fresno California and am looking for people in my area who would like to exercise not to lose weight per se but to get healthy. I enjoy the company of men and women and age doesn't matter one iota. Walking, Bike riding, mat exercises whatever - I'm ready to try some new things and start to feel as good on the outside as I do on the inside. My one thing that I can not stand is people who always talk about how much they do not like their body. So if
that's you what are you doing here??  I can't wait to  meet you and make some new friends!!
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Kansas City, MO metro area large women goal: swim and walk partner
Added 10-2-2004:      
Tacoma, WA
Anyone!!! goal:  To take better care of my body and become healthier. If you don't take care of your body, where will you live???  Laura at
nyone who wants to get a mutual support thing going for fitness walking  - goal:  fitness, being social Diane
Corpus christi Texas teens or anyone goal:        Helping ME and others
Bremerton WA
I am a I am a  "fluffy" "young at heart grandma" and would like close to same but not imperative goal: find a health interested partner to walk with or talk with
philadelphia. pa anyone goal:        self-improvement
where: seeking who: comments: contact:

everyone and anyone goal: outdoor rec
Lets meet and have fun outside in this beautiful city.  (I don't mean running or killing ourselves,  lets just get outside and fly a kite or walk a dog or canoe on the lake).
Murfreesboro, TN Men and women ages 18-32 goal: Other college age women and men who are trying to deal with being overweight. Leah -  or LMS2F on yahoo messenger.
walking group in MN Brooklyn Center -  Brookdale Mall Teens between 12-16 goal:        to help teens like me to lose weight
near Philadelphia or Reading, PA
large women who are happy that way goal: to find size positive female friends - I am still having a hard time being positive about my body, so would like to have friends who are positive and comfortable with themselves as
La Crosse, WI or La Crescent, MN
EXP 12/05
Middle aged people who want to maintain or lose weight goal: Walking partner or group   Kelly
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Find an email pal
Find budd(ies) for physical activity
Start a support/discussion group
Start a live chat

Start a Walk & Roll Club  (a what?)
(more recent added at bottom)
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada large women and men goal: physical and emotional health 
Florida Everyone can join goal: BBW/BHM To give a positive outlook to life 
Austin, TX
large women to take back the greenbelt, Town Lake, and/or other venues!! goal: socialize and move

west warwick RI
anyone goal: to make new friends
perth Western Australia larger women, around 19-30years anyone want to walk with me or play outdoors? 
I live in Durham North Carolina, around the RTP area.
the Park-Wood Division
no specifications goal: to lose weight and get a healthy body ask for oma;  
where: seeking who: comments: contact:
St. Petersburg Large women, ages 40+, desiring regular fitness routine and healthier lifestyle, but who have been mostly sedentary (in other words, let's start slowly and build up). goal:        Let's get out and get fit!  
 850 521-7273/Karen
Added 1/2/2004:      
Cape Cod, Massachusetts Large Women goal: Healthy Exercise for BBWs > BBW is wonderful, beautiful and can be very supportive. Just some walking on a regular basis with new friends.
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Find an email pal
Find budd(ies) for physical activity
Start a Walk & Roll Club
Start a live chat

Start a support/discussion group
(more recent added 10/2/04)
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
New York, NY anyone helping each other Pati @ 
San Francisco, CA Women ages 18-35, any-size goal: Body Image/Exercise/Self-esteem
415-567-4661 ext.2 
Columbus, Ohio
Large women (or women who think they are large-within reason--no size 8's) goal: Start a "Nothing to Lose" support group to discuss body size issues. 
New Haven, Connecticut  large women/men goal: body size acceptance/activism 
Detroit, MI metro area
Large Women goal: I'm learning to be a "Fat Chick" (and happy in my own skin) and would love to have the support of others on their own road to self acceptance 
Seattle, WA
all vegan/vegetarian women struggling with weight/size obsession goal: Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle including low-fat veganism, regular exercise, positive body image and rejection of society's unrealistic beauty ideals
Audrey -email: 
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
online  spanish speakers, if possible goal: ideas to love our bodies 
On internet..I�m from Sweden

Binge eating disorder-friends

I like to know people with Binge eating disorder

I�m a woman from Sweden. I�m 30 years old and I have Binge eating disorder. In Sweden is there not many people who knows what BED is...Not even the doctors..So I would like go get to know new friends with same eating disorder that I have and support eithother..My English is not so godd-but I try!! 
Greenville SC  Large women goal: body acceptance 
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
San Diego

Professional Women goal: Body Positive Discussions
I would like to get together with women that share the same experience of a life on the diet rollercoaster. I'm ready to get off and would like the support of a group to reclaim balance in my life. 
Washington DC area
Women of any age - Seeking women who want to stop waiting for life to begin goal: Would like to meet with other women to discuss body image and self-acceptance issues, diet-free living, and other concerns in a supportive environment Darlene at
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
San Francisco Anyone who is seeking support toward recovery goal: Groups for young adults with Anorexia & Bulimia Dawn (925)837-6272
Online: starting a virtual support group
Large women goal: Support and encouragement: to form an email (distrib list) support group where participants can make "journal entries" about their thoughts and challenges as often as they like and receive understanding, respect, and positive suggestions. Email makes it possible to interact with others without worrying about time constraints, transportation or being heard in a live group setting. Our words will be there for you to read anytime, anywhere. LeAnne at
Large Women goal: Size Doesn't Matter
We are women. Hear us ROAR!!!!!
Samantha Zaplata
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
Teenage girls goal: Helping teens with weight issues
I have good positive experience and advice
Holland or Grand Rapids, Michigan area anybody with an eating disorder (currently or recovered)
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
Stamford, CT

any one who needs to work on accepting the way their body is/looks etc. goal: body acceptance
women who struggle (or just want support) with the fact that their bodies do not conform to the cultural ideal goal: encouragement for accepting our bodies as they are and learning to live life joyfully and with purpose; support for a non-dieting lifestyle
Vancouver, B.C. women dealing with body image issues and/or eating disorders goal: support to feel good about ourselves Helen at drucie&
San Francisco, CA Anyone, any size goal:        I want to find other like-minded people who want to get away from the usual "I'm so fat" bonding and get to what's really going on.
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
San Jose, California anyone, particularly those who find that alcohol makes it easier to eat without anxiety goal:        Overcoming EDs AND Alcoholism
Multiple addictions- overspending. perfectionism, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, love-addiction
online Plus-size women athletes, dancers and exercisers goal:        Discussion and resources for plus-size woman athletes and dancers

college or university students suffering from bulimia goal:        recovering bulimics
Clearwater Florida

Plus sized, real sized women goal:        Support for the plus sized woman
This group is to help women of size reclaim their self-esteem and to take positive steps to lead a healthier lifestyle.
Katie @
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
State College, PA Anyone goal: Body Positive Living
online as well as the surrounding southwestern ohio area Anyone of open mind & spirit, no matter race, religion or sexual orientation. To get
together for dinners, game nights, movies & making new friends with BBW & BHM & FA's.
oal: Southwestern Ohio Big Beautiful People & Friends Club! Our group is an open minded & spirited group, you will find no judgement here! We welcome anyone over 21 for online participation or local events to share with other BBW & BHM & FA's. New friends are made here, where prejudice is left at the door! Blessings!!
Columbia, SC
anyone who is suffering from the above goal:  bulimia/anorexia recovery- There is already an Overeater's Anonymous in the Columbia area... I am trying to start an Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA) group.  It will work according to the 12-steps of other groups, as this is an addiction like any other. Bella (803) 351-0535
online women of any size goal: body acceptance and spirituality - This group is a place for women to connect and support one another in positive body acceptance.  Our journey together will reflect the goddess within all of us, and learning to recognise and honouring our own beauty.  This group is informal and open to women of all sizes, and it is my hope it will be a friendly group where we are comfortable to talk about a wide variety of topics.
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
online? post-menopausal women, 40-60 goal: thyroid issues/problems, NOT thyroid cancer
Added 10/2/04

BBW's are famous for pouring so much love and devotion into the lives of those they care about. This is the place to nurture your own spirit for a change, and to take good care of YOU.
Large Women goal:Positive Body Imaging and Building Self esteem
miami, florida

adult women goal: recovery from eating disorder
I have been trying to find organize a support group in my community for quite some time and it has been quite difficult. I would be happy to facilitate such a group and have a background in groups and
Brisbane, Australia - Redlands area



Women over 40 looking for new friends for loving support
Ladies who may need friendly support while dealing with weight, health, emotional eating, and perimenapause/menapause. I would love to meet for coffee to talk about our issues; to have a laugh; and to support each other when cravings hit!! or when exercise seems just a tad too hard!!
goal: To support isolated and lonely women to connect with other like-minded women; to have fun; to meet for exercise
New York City
Women of any age goal: Celebrating Life and Spreading Body Acceptance
where: seeking who: purpose/comments: contact:
Dallas, Texas
Women of size goal: Putting the talk into action Especially for artist & professional women dealing  with trad and size acceptance social roadblocks
Phoenix large, plus sized women goal: body  acceptance
Austin, TX

everyone who cares goal: Ending Fat Opression! A group is already forming... we need your help to make it everything it can be!!
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purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
chat i want to chat with teens who think that they're over weight   if u want to chat with me e-mail me at
or you can find me online under hugz_from_sarah i'm usually under yahoo chat
make friend teens bombay
whereonline: ahmedabad 
to have worldwide friends young adults just out of teens whereonline:  Lynette. <>  
chat Teens Eating Disorders
goal: Fat acceptance Everyone
goal: be happy with what you have teen
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purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
To help motivate each other and make fitness more fun and safe. I would really like to start a "walk and roll" club or to just find a group of women to walk with in the evenings.
where: Milwaukee area, more specifically, around Gen. Mitchell Airport area, or the bay view lakefront area in Milwaukee. 
I am a 22 year old woman who would like to find other large women of all ages in the area.
I usually work until 9pm, and would really love to find people to walk or even bike ride with in the evenings. I love to walk along the lakefront, etc, but as we all know, it's not a very safe place for a young woman to go alone at night. I would like to meet other larger women in need of a walking partner in my area so that we can get in shape and have "safety in numbers". I'm pretty out of shape lately, so I plan on starting out with leisurely walks ;) I should mention that I smoke, but not alot. Just in case it bothers anyone. ;) email Jessica at 
purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
Just Find a Woman Who is Happy With Her Body!!
goal: Trying to get out of the diet mentality 
any body positive woman, could be a parent, feminst, teen, whatever! where: St Louis MO, OR online
Mary Ann, 
We're based in Ottawa
I want stories from kids, teens, adults, male or female. Everybody gets a chance. Get some stories for a new fashion magazine:
I want to get some opinions and stories concerning body image. Preferably positive, empowering stories. You can sign you name or not. The purpose of this is to have a section in the magazine that reflect real people's attitudes towards their own appearance and to inspire the reader to develop a positive attitude towards their appearance. It will be part of the Self Esteem section
For further details or to submit a story or comment, email us at: 
purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
Help people & make friends

Anyone who would like help I've recovered from Anorexia & would like to help people with body image problems etc 
looking for support to losing weight for an average weight teen
online pal to talk about weight - teens 15-17 i am insecure about my weight, but everyone does not think i am.. it's an internal thing and i'm wondering on someone's opinion in the same situation
purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
I am a female, I live in Connecticut and am 33 years old. I'm extremely overweight. I have struggled and am struggling with depression and am looking for a friend or friends to lean on and who might need to lean on me. I love to read, write, go to movies, do needlepoint of all kinds. I would love to exercise but just moving 20 feet gets me out of breath. I don't know where to begin or even if it's too late to bother. Anyone looking for friends, company, support, a buddy to hang out with or talk to online or on the phone. Someone who has had the same experiences and feelings. Someone to talk to.
where: I'm in Connecticut but can spend time in New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
to find long lasting friendships with others who are of size, to make my world a more pleasant place -
I am a 20 yr old bbw i enjoy and savor fun quality conversations with other people of size and i would really like to help that girl who looks in the mirror and thinks lifes not worth living if she isnt 100lbs...looking forward to making new friends!!
everyone who needs a friend
purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
find someone who hate themselves like i do.

teens I know how you all feel. I am 13 and I weigh 219lbs.I hate myself so much I beat up my stomach. maybe we can help each other out.
goal: to find someone who will except me for me
Friend or maybe more to share what i feel with them or just have someone to talk to
teens preferably male but i really dont care i would like a female
as well
my name is Amy and i am 16 i really like to have fun and party but sometimes i feel misunderstood and i would like someone to talk to when i feel this way thanks a lot for taking the time to read my lil note thing :)
purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
aerobics and fitness for larger women and men
where:       San Francisco, CA
goal:        getting fit, feeling great!
All sizes and fitness levels welcome Yes! I am teaching size positive, low impact aerobics classes in San Francisco. Please join me!
goal:        talk to parents or young kids parents with young children who have an ed-  or young children with ed's
Added 1/2/2004:      
purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
Make others aware of our site Teens who are positive about being "overweight".
> we welcome anybody except haters and fools
goal: Fat Positive Teens!
just looking for others who are experiencing the same situations as I am.  parents of special needs children,
Find members for my new ed support  
Anyone with an eating disorder goal: To support one another through the tough times of recovery.
start a mailing list -  Coaching Workshops - Chicagoland, Illinois

goal:        To empower, educate, support, and inspire women and female teens through personal life coaching, workshops, and writing on issues related
to body image, health, wellness, and life balance.
women ages 25 to 65, and teens-with desire to improve body image, health, fitness, and/or nutrition I am very thrilled to see this website and am excited to contribute somehow.  I know it is my life mission to assist others with body and health issues as a result of struggling and then overcoming my own issues in this area. Sherri
purpose/goal: seeking who: comments: contact:
start a mailing list - Lancaster, PA
goal: to have a discussion group or mailing list for young adults recovering from eating disorders

young adults recovering from eating disorders I am a college student who is currently recovering from an eating disorder. I think it would be a wonderful idea for women to get together and talk about body acceptance to raise their self esteem and have friends to support them through their recovery. By sharing my experiences, we can all help each other out and become friends Christine
Tampa, Florida
goal:        Phat Phemale Philm Phest
anyone is welcome I am starting a mini-film festival in Tampa, Florida entitled The Phat Phemale Philm Phest.  The purpose is to create another venue for and celebration of fat-friendly media.  The proceeds will go to the beginning of a grant (or an addition to a grant if
one already exists) for filmmakers who wish to broaden media aspects of beauty.  I hope to start it as a small perhaps 3-4 film mini-festival in an established local film festival. Do you think we might be able to work together?
Thank you for your time.
> Veronica H Fitzhugh
I am writing a Book on Eating Disorders

People who have and are suffering from an eating disorder  I am planning on writing a book, on the journey of an eating disorder.  I am looking for your stories, from the beginnings � the moments that made you start to doubt yourself, lose the control, and the decision to take the first steps of your eating disorders.  I want to hear stories of your daily struggles, your hopes and dreams for an end, for you to feel strong and confident again � to feel
beautiful.   I want to hear about your isolation, the way you hide your pain, and finally I want to hear your stories about the beginning of your freedom, taking the first steps on your journey to recovery, to the light at the end of the tunnel.
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