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Want to find other folks who are thinking this way?  

Maybe you are looking for someone else in your neck of the woods who wants to take walks at sunrise, or another dog owner who also feels guilty about not walking the dog, or a biking partner who is also just breaking in her new bike (and her old body!).

Or maybe you want to form a discussion/support group for making body positive changes in your life.  You could meet in the real world, or you could meet on-line.  You can start your own mailing list through  AOL members can start their own live chat.  Go to the Resources page to see what already exists online. There are all kinds of options!

This is the place for you to write up a notice for other people to see.  To see other people's notices, go to the Bulletin Board.  But before you write a notice, take a look and see if someone has already posted to do the thing you are interested in - there may already be someone in your area looking for an exercise buddy, or someone who is wanting to email someone like you.

As you might expect, this is not the place to post a personal ad, an ad with sexual or romantic content, or an ad for any purpose unrelated to the website's themes. We discourage using the Bulletin Board to focus on the pursuit of weight loss - rather, we encourage you to practice weight neutrality:  Focus on taking good care of your body with the support of others, and accept whatever size your body, in its wisdom, settles at.

Remember that anyone can visit the Body Positive site and see the information you leave here, so be cautious about how you ask other interested people to contact you.

We are a small operation so you may not see your notice posted right away. The bulletin board is generally updated a couple times a year. If you do not specify an expiration date, your notice will stay up until we have a reason of our own to take it down.  

Please let us know whether your notice allowed you to find others with your interest!

1. What do you want to do?

    (if "other," please specify:)
2. (If not online) Where do you want to get together? (please state the nearest major metropolitan area)
3. If online, where do you want others to find you?
4. What is your theme or purpose?
 5. Who do you want to join you (for example, if you want the members to be  large women, or teens, or parents, etc., please specify here)?
6. How should people contact you if they are interested? (Give a name and email or phone)
7. How should we contact you if we have questions about your notice (this info will not be posted)?
8. Anything else you want to add?
9. When do you want this notice removed (approximately)? No expiration date- I leave it up to you
December 2005
December 2006

Thank you!  To see the notices, go to the Bulletin Board.

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