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OK, people.  We have a task to do.

The English language has no word for

the hunger to move.

Maybe we need more than one new word.  After all, are all of these really the same feeling?

  • when you've been sitting crunched up in an airplane seat for four hours

Readers suggested: 

"Locked pretzel"
"Fit to be tied"
"Locked without the key"
"Chi blockage"
"Aura tightness"
"Curtailed tempest"
"Seat bound"
"Butt freeze"
" ' Rutchy' (Pennsylvania Dutch)"

  • when it's the fifth day in a row of rain

Readers suggested: 

"Noah'ed (as in the Ark)"  
"Window pressed"
Umbrella parade"
" Blue-footy"
"Dry drenched"
"Floating feelings"
" Glugged"
"Slushed down"
"Retaining water"
"Sponged in"
"Cabin Fever"


  • when you've been standing in line at the post office for 45 minutes

Readers suggested: 

"Postmarked for delay"
"Business as usual"
"Vibrating nerve endings"
"Stamp it out"
"Linitis of the spine"
"Fidget feet"

  • when you're already in motion and you feel the push to go just a little bit further, to feel the heat . . .

Readers suggested: 

"Wind on my face"
"Opening my heart wider"
"Come alive"

"Challenging the gods"
"Kissed by a tornado"
"Outa my way"
" Arrrrgh growl power!"
"Natural high"
"Second surge"
"Sesational rush"
"Reach the stars"

  • or when else?

Readers suggested: 

"Brake release"
"Zoom zoom zoom in my body in my veins in my brain" 

"That sweet moment when the body and brain are clicking along in perfect time together. I call that 'paradise.'"

"No one can stop me...I am on a or wait till i am is an awesome exciting and exhilerating..."

"How about the hunger to move when you've been doing something sedentary, but which you LIKE (like concentrating at the computer) for too long? Or how about when that great song comes on and you'd really LIKE to move to it.... Or how about when you go to a great scenic place and the hunger is to really get out there, to see the view, the wonder that can only be reached on foot...."

"Forgetting the mind and freeing the body. Set your body free! Set your body free! Let it play sometimes without the pain generated by the mind. The pain of shame and the pain of limitations. The body knows how to play."

"I used to live on my own in a little bedsit in Brighton (south coast of England). There was so little room that my bed served as the main item of furniture - I'd use it for everything from dining table to TV couch. After a whole evening in, sitting cooped up on that bed, I'd suddenly get the fidgets. This was usually around 11pm, when most people are ready for bed. The only thing that I wanted to do when I felt like that was to dance,I really did feel hungry for it. So I'd put music on, get dressed up, and do it! When my boyfriend came home from working in France it drove him mad! I'd still be dancing when he was tucked up in bed. I love dancing. Its the only exercise I get any enjoyment from. I get high on it, like a frenzy (ooh-er!). If there's good dancing to be had at a party I'll drink far less alcohol than usual. The dancing provides the rush instead."

Thanks for your contribution(s) to the English language!

Want more? Get in touch with the hunger to move

Still feeling creative? Write a "hunger to move"haiku!

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