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In Forum #5, many of you finished the sentence, "If I ate anything I wanted . . " with fears that you would gain enormous amounts of weight. This month, we are asking a slightly different question.

Here's a definition of eating according to your body's hunger:

* you don't wait too long to eat when your stomach tells you it's hungry
* you stop eating when your stomach tells you it's satisfied
* most of the time, you don't eat for reasons other than stomach hunger
* you trust your stomach to tell you when your body needs fuel.

If you ate this way most of the time, do you think your weight would go up, go down, or stay the same?




Are you currently:

Where is your weight relative to your 
body's "setpoint"?

Where is your weight relative to society's ideal?

What gets in the way of you trusting your body 
to tell you when and how much to eat?

Thanks! We will assume if you send a response that it is OK to post it anonymously.  See what  other readers have said: overall or in their words.

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