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Topic: Imagine a chemical got into the water supply that meant no one's weight would ever change again for any reason.

  • How would you feel?
  • How would your life change?
  • How would the people in your life be different?
  • What would you do with the time you now spend trying to change your weight (or, the time you'd have with other people who are trying to change their weight)?


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Your comments so far:

"It would be a big burden off of me. I wouldn't have to feel like I ought to diet. My mom would be so disappointed, though. She's spent much of her adulthood dieting."

"It wouldn`t affect me that much but it would devastate the women who are trying to lose weight (or put it on after recovery from anorexia). The really scary thing would be the effect on the cosmetic surgery industry. If diets had no chance would more people turn to the knife?"

"I think the first feeling I would have would be massive relief. All of a sudden, everyone else would be in the same boat as me - they'd be dealing with the bodies they were given by a combination of their genetics, their history of dieting, and their history with food. Of course, the relief would be short-lived - the beauty industry has to find some way of making people miserable about themselves, so that they can sell the "cure" - but for a while, there'd be the possibility of being able to show people just how miserable they were making themselves in the pursuit of the beauty "ideal".
My own life wouldn't change very much, to be honest - I gave up looking at the scales about six years ago, and I don't think I'd take it up again. I might wind up doing more exercise, since the gyms and swimming pools wouldn't be cram-packed with people who were trying feverishly to lose weight, or keep themselves from gaining weight. Who knows, I might even take up dance classes again.
I have a feeling that the major change would be that I'd probably be there helping other people to "decompress" from the whole weight gain/loss seesaw experience. Showing people that there's more to be enjoyed in the world than just the notion of being thinner than someone else, sharing the joy of a beautiful sunset, horsing about with people at the swimming pool and so forth. I also think that I'd be learning a lot more from older people, who tend to be forgotten in the rush of society toward younger-looking, thinner bodies. Learning lessons of movement for its own sake, of how to live the life of the mind, of tranquility."

"If i knew my weight could never change again, I would eat so much more food. Not necessarily bad foods, though I would probably eat more sweets, but just more quantity of food. That's what I always wish I could do now-- eat more food, but then the thought always enters my mind that more food equals more fat, and I have to play this mind game with myself while I sit at the table, considering whether or not to reach for seconds. But if I knew
that having more food didn't equal more fat... I would be in heaven. I would never have to play those mind games again."


"I would feel less absorbed with body weight and would be more productive in other ways. My husband would quit commenting about liposuction. I don't know since I don't fret about it all of the time like I used to."

"I guess I'd be reasonably content, though I really did want to lose that extra 20 pounds. On the other hand, I could eat all my heart desires, so yippeee!!! Bring on that chemical! :-)

"I would feel awful, since I am on the upside of a 40 pound gain....I would have to deal with a lot of ugly's not the weight as much as the cellulite down to my calves that really gets me...I'd still exercise I think because it makes me feel better (so they say) - "

"I would feel thrilled. Thinking I would never have to worry about my weight again. I would now eat anything I always craved for-without knowing it would effect me."

"My weight never changes anyway, so it wouldn't affect me. But maybe my fiance would stop dieting, which would be a blessing to both of us."

"It really wouldn't make that much difference to me. I try to value myself for WHO I am instead of getting caught in society's superficial crap about basing an entire person's value on current trends and "aesthetic" appeal. There is so much more to a person, there are so many kinds of beauty in so many different people."

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"I'd buy bottled water or drink the rain. I like knowing I can change."

"I'd cry because I wouldn't ever have to worry about gaining weight again. I would let go completely of my eating disorder, and eat exactly what I wanted. I'd spend the rest of my life growing up. I'm only 14, I have a lot ahead of me. My life would be devoted to Jesus and earning my way to Heaven."

"I would cry. I'm only 21, I have no children, I am 5'6" and weigh 180 lbs. That's a size 12/14, L/XL, and I am always happier when I can buy the smaller size. But I have said several times that I look ok for a person who's had a couple kids, but I've never had any! So, maybe after I've had kids I would be happier. And if weight is the only thing that stayed the same, I would try to turn my 40 lbs of excess flab to 40 lbs of muscle. Or at least 20 lbs. of muscle. And I would petition my favorite clothing companies to change the sizes so I would always wear a size 12. And I would spend the time that I used to spend reading diet/fitness magazines, and comparing myself to others differently too. I would learn a lot more about the Bible, and teach seminars on internal beauty (since nobody could do anything about their weight anymore). . . I do have a comment for the 14 year old who said she would spend her time earning her way to heaven. You don't have to earn anything, Jesus already paid the entrance fee to heaven by dying on the cross. All you have to do is accept His gift. Like on the musical movie, "Annie". When she goes to stay with Mr. Warbucks, she thinks she has to clean the house to "earn her keep", but she's told she's a guest and doesn't have to do anything in order to stay there. That's what Jesus did for you, your heart is what matters to Him, not your good deeds."

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"I would be thoroughly angry because right now my sister is quite thin. Normally we are about the same size but she has been quite successful on her latest diet and I'm counting on her to gain it all back like she usually does.I would be able to shop for clothes again though and that would be fun. I have not bought anything new but two bras in about two years because it is too painful to buy anything over a size eight."

"I would experience a measure of relief.
If overweight is beyond one's control, then one can get on with life and and focus upon those goals that take a back burner to obsession with weight.  I would begin wearing the style of clothes I plan to wear once I reach a certain weight goal. I would indulge in my favorite foods with no sense of remorse. Since there would be no risk of putting on additional pounds, I would likely go overboard initially when giving in to culinary temptation.  However, over time, such gluttony would probably balance itself out.  The times I'm not on a diet, I seem to actually have more control over what I'm eating.  It's only when I'm planning the big diet kick-off that the big binge takes hold.  As for time spent with other people who are trying to lose weight, I'm sure we would discuss more relevant matters than skipping dessert or having salad instead of fried burritos.  We would certainly be more interested in the world around us and far less self-involved."

"I would feel very cheated. I dieted safely and exercised almost every day for six months and was thrilled to lose fifteen pounds.  I was so proud to have it off, and then I started a new job. Between my job and school I was getting up at 6 and falling into bed at 10, with no free time for myself. The fifteen pounds I worked so hard to lose came back within three months.  I am so disgusted with myself."

"At first the thought is terrifying!  Gads! Stuck at 22 [stone] 8 pounds forever - it cannot be! (I'm still in the trying to change/vacillating towards acceptance of my body size stage).  I feel healthy and strong.  If my weight were permanent I'd give away all the wishful thinking clothes.  I'd give up dieting of any sort, although I'd probably still work out because it gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  I'd go out and buy the sexiest, most flattering clothes I could find.  I'd be free because it's not my fault and I wouldn't have to worry about getting bigger."

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"I would feel tremendously relieved.  No longer would there be a potential me, wider or narrower, for me or others to fantasize or worry about. There would simply be the reality of me in the now.  Food would become - fuel. Not a subject of exquisite erotic torment.  For this, I might mourn a little.  Not much though."

"I would be thrilled!"  .  .  .  My fear is that I will just get heavier as I get older. It is a constant battle, not to mention the guilt I feel when I give in to my cravings. I would spend less time obsessing about diet and exercise. I would still be aware of my health, but there would be less pressure that I put on myself."

"Hopeless. I'll feel that life is not flexible and that I stand no more chance to change myself into a more attractive, more confident, slim woman."

"I would feel fat but it would strengthen my friendships and our conversations because we wouldn't always be talking about losing weight."

"At first, I would be very angry with myself, because if I had been the size I wanted when I was exposed to the water, then I would never have to worry about it again. Eventually, I would become accepting of myself.  The diet industry would be out of business.  .  . I think the people in my life would no longer judge me on my size - it would become like hair or eye color, 'so what?' "

"I would be extremely unhappy.  I am bulimic and in the middle of my "normal" healthy weight range.  .  . I would continue to binge and continue to feel guilt from my inability to control myself. . . Perhaps I would be happier if something were able to stabilize everyone at the exact same height/weight proportions because it would stop comparisons . . . However, eating disorders are about more than weight, and my feelings of inferiority would probably surface in other "controllable" areas of my life."

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"I would be a little disappointed but also relieved that the struggle would be over. I would start focusing on more important things in my life. The people in my life would stop being competitors in the game of thinness. I would use the extra time trying to do good for my community."

"I would be absolutely calmed. I would be so happy to have the struggle end. I'd to have the life-key to go on and soar. The shift of focus could be stunning. we'd all be let go and released from the EXPECTATIONS."

I would *not* be happy at all. But on the other hand, my mother would finally stop bothering me about how I need to lose weight! (or not -- she'd think I could *still* "work on it") I'd wonder if I would ever find anyone, and would be *forced* to get over the idea that "if only I was thinner"... My friends wouldn't care, but I'd be a lot more self-conscious about hanging out with them (they're all smaller than I). I must admit, though...I could do a lot more writing (maybe even finish my thesis!) with the time I spend worrying and fretting about my weight."

"Of goal is always changing. I will reach one weight goal - and then the goal will move to a lower weight. If there were a chemical in the water supply that would mean my weight would never change again? Well...first I would want to lose ten pounds and THEN drink the water! HA! That shouldn't surprise anyone."

"I would be happy with my weight now and not have to worry about becoming fat in the future. I'm really scared to die a fat old lady."

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"I would probably always lament over the thought of if only I had just hurried up and lost some weight before the h20 incident, I would be effortlessly waif thin forever. My life would change drastically! I wouldn't teach so many damn aerobics classes, especially when I have painful blisters on my feet. I wouldn't not be able to have fun if my stomach was full because I was picturing it digesting food and wondering if it was all going to be used for energy or stored. I wouldn't leave my boyfriends house after dinner telling him that I have stuff to do, and instead go home and puke up the dinner he made me. I also wouldn't start fights so that I could go home to barf. 
     I really wish this would happen. This would change nearly every aspect of my life, I can't even imagine. The first thing I do in the morning is check to see if my face is fatter than the day before, I wouldn't do that anymore. God only knows what I would do with all my free time instead of writing out exercise and diet plans, eating, puking. It would be awesome though!"

"I would feel very happy provided I was thin when the chemical got into the water. My life would change because I would be able to eat whatever I wanted to whenever I chose to eat it! The people in my life would be different because they would no longer comment on my weight all of the time. Everyone thinks I can eat anything I want to and not gain weight. They do not know that when they comment, I feel very insecure. I believe that any moment I will be huge! The time I currently spend trying to keep my weight down would be better spent keeping the house neater and spending more time with my family. As it is, I am constantly going to workout, spending forever in the grocery store reading labels.... I could whiz through the store in no time because I would pick up whatever I wanted!"

"I might feel terribly relieved and angry at the same time. At first I would be angry that I wasn't going to ever look any different. Then, after I had accepted my dilemma, I would be relieved that I wouldn't have to think about how much I ate or whether I exercised anymore or anything!"

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"I would feel hopeless, but settled into my size. People would be glad they didn't get stuck being fat. I would just enjoy life as much as possible."

"Hummm, imagine those billions of dollars no longer rolling into the hands of the diet industry. What will they focus on instead? And it will be something, because when they tell us that there are infinite things wrong with us, we will believe them - teeth are not white enough, nails are not strong enough, and our bodies are not toned, tanned or hairless enough.
If our weight was to stabilize, I can guarantee we would still be miserable. The problem is in our heads and hearts. We need others to redeem us, we wait for them to give us our value. Imagine living all alone in a forest, nobody to ever judge us. Who would you be then? 
So many of us never realize our full potential, the most important thing in our lives is staying thin and young. Running around and around in circles, unable to stop like the headless chicken. One day death will hold out his hand to you and at that moment you will realize how insignificant and empty the goal of being thin was, and your magnificent chance to live wasted."

"I would be disbelieving, afraid and anxious. After I had accepted that my weight, or anybody else's weight, was never going to change I could actually relax. I would be overjoyed at the thought of never having to listen to another Slim Fast commercial. No more seeking out the ads in the newspaper for the "quick fix."   
I just can't imagine the amount of time I would have to devote to other things--writing the book I've always wanted to write--no more worry about what to wear, what to eat--I could start my day fresh and full of new ideas. I would not have the immediate feeling of guilt for what I ate the day before. I would not have to try to pump myself up for another diet and exercise routine. I would not put my husband through the emotional mood swings a fat person goes through when the same blue dress doesn't fit anymore. . .the company picnic at the beach is coming up and you have to go FAT and all. . .No more sex in the dark. . . Maybe, finally, I could accept myself."

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