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WELCOME to BodyPositive!

BodyPositive looks at ways we can feel 
good in the bodies we have. Remember, 
your body hears everything you think.

Love Your Body Day
Celebrate it every day! Veronica Cook-Euell interviews Dr. Deb Burgard in a two-part radio show on fat, feminism, and civil rights.

How to Make the Argument for Size Acceptance
What do you say when everyone around you is dieting?

Dieting Detox
Take back your food choices from the diet police

Evaluating Weight Loss Programs: What are the Red Flags?
An answer to all the "Rate the Diets" articles out now

Looking for the "Other" Body Positive?
Order their video, Body Talk: Teens Talk about their Bodies, Eating Disorders, and Activism 

Body Positive in Person and in the News

Dr. Burgard's work in print:

Great Shape book cover Chart: Cost of BMI profiling
Dr. Burgard's "Body Positive" column in The Health at Every Size Journal Great Shape is back! has your copy!
or buy on Amazon

Cost of BMI profiling (analysis in Bacon and Aphramor, "Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift")

Fat Studies Reader front cover Maine et al., Effective Clinical Practice in the Treatment of Eating Disorders Maine et al., Treatment of Eating Disorders
Dr. Burgard's chapter on "What is Health at Every Size?" Dr. Burgard's chapter on "Developing Body Trust"

Dr. Burgard's chapter on "What's Weight Got to Do with It?"






The Body Positive Approach
What is it? Just let your body be?

Inner Parent
So we found our inner children and now who's going to take care of them? Here are exercises to really make a difference in how you feel about your body!

Large Women
Having a life as a large woman: Tips on fitness, losing the addiction to dieting, and finding good medical care 

Children and Weight
Raising kids of all sizes who can like their bodies: What you can do

Professionals' Pages
Taking a weight-neutral approach to help your clients be healthy at any size

Change your mind, change your culture, and let your body be!?
Where do you start?

Fat-Ten-U Foods
100+ years of 
Weight Industry propaganda

What is Health at Every Size?
Find out about a different approach to well-being at any size

How to Make the Argument for Size Acceptance
What do you say when everyone around you is dieting?

Dieting Detox
Take back your choices from the food police

Fight absent-bodiedness
Are you pretty much living above the chin? Identifying only with your head has some consequences, especially for eating.  How do you add your body back into the process? 

Weight Neutrality
Quick, what are your associations to "fat"? "Thin"?  We have been taught to "read" personality traits from body size . . .   

Rethinking Resolutions
Resolving not to set yourself up 

The Emotional Immune System  
Like the physiological immune system, the "defenses" that protect your psyche need bolstering when  you're being exposed to toxins.  What's the "vaccine" for living in a weight-obsessed culture? 

The Art of Change
Trying to make a change? It's messier than "just do it" implies. How do you aim for the right goal, and maintain your commitment and motivation?  

If you lived in your body you'd be home now
If you could move out of your body and someone could move in, what tips would you give the new tenant about living here? 


Health at Any Size Web Ring
Have an educational site for large people's health? Join us!  

Health at Every Size Journal
The latest articles by leading HAES professionals

Change Your Culture! Eating disorders, body hatred, and discrimination against fat people won't go away by themselves 

Comfort Tips  
Lots of good advice on keeping (your) cool

Body Positive In Person
Appearances, workshops and groups

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A Body Positive approach to psychotherapy 

Sustainable Health Practices Registry
Tell us about the things you do for your health and well-being

Resources and  Good Books
Organizations, links, and leads  

Appreciation for this body; getting in touch with the hunger to move, finding your inner parent.

Door Hangers
Create a "Body Disparagement-Free Zone" around you  

Thank you for your interest!

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