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What’s different about BodyPositive?

  • Changing the motivation for change from weight loss to quality of life
    • Replacing the "will power" model with "inner parenting"
    • Making only those changes you can live with forever
    • Facing the limitations on our capacity to control weight
    • Ending the strangely addictive, unproductive cycles of dieting, weight loss and re-gain
    • Freeing energy and time for the more important projects of life

  • Addressing the body blame underlying many different difficulties
  • Building skills that are useful for life and lifetimes
    • Learning to defend yourself in a stigmatizing world
    • Creating multiple ways to soothe, stimulate, nourish and rest your body
    • Experiencing body competence, problem-solving and mastery
    • "Getting back on the horse" in taking care of yourself, when life bumps you off

  • Studying EXERCISE as a Foreign Language
    • Naming and cultivating the "hunger to move"
    • Discovering personal preferences for different characteristics of activity
    • Building an athletic identity
    • Taking the time to become "fluent" (years!)
    • Integrating physical activity into life, for life

  • BodyPositive Inspired Eating
  • Incorporating decades of research about how people really change and what’s healthiest for real bodies
    • Cultivating a realistic sense of progress: thinking about making a change "counts," relapse is normal, pleasure and mastery are lasting motivators
    • Getting more support in the beginning when change is unfamiliar
    • Incorporating the resources in your real life to minimize dependency on a "program"
    • Supporting creative efforts so the changes are deeply personal and individual

  • Letting go of and grieving the pursuit of body transformation/self transformation
    • "If a chemical got in the water that meant no one's weight would ever change again, how would you feel?"
    • Observing the way we are taught to prove our worth by perfecting our bodies
    • Learning to take this body as your lawfully wedded body
    • Examining with frankness the way that postponing self-acceptance keeps you from taking responsibility for your life now

  • Building a supportive community
    • Creating a friendship circle to reflect the real you
    • Asking for what you need from family, but seeking it elsewhere if they can't give it
    • Becoming an activist to "clean up the culture."  No individual can thrive when the culture is "polluted."

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